Making gender visible in family business: past and present

  • Paloma Fernández Pérez
  • Eleanor Hamilton


This  study  contributes  to  developing  our understanding of gender and family business. It draws on studies from the business history and management literatures and provides an interdisciplinary synthesis. It illuminates the role of women and their participation in the entrepreneurial practices of the family and the business. Leadership is introduced as a concept to examine the roles of women and men in family firms, arguing that concepts used  by  historians or economists like ownership and management have served to make women ‘invisible’, at least in western developed economies in which owners and managers have been historically due to legal rules  of  the  game  men,  and  minoritarily women. Finally, it explores gender relations and  the  notion  that  leadership  in  family business  may  take  complex  forms  crafte within constantly changing relationships.


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PÉREZ, P. F.; HAMILTON, E. Making gender visible in family business: past and present. História Econômica & História de Empresas, v. 13, n. 1, 10 jul. 2012.